Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud

Duration : 3 Days

What you will learn

This Mobile Development on the Oracle Cloud training teaches you how to use the Mobile Cloud to develop backends, custom APIs, users, notifications, and other constructs. You will learn how to leverage the power and simplicity of the Mobile Cloud Service (MCS).

Learn How To:

  • Define mobile APIs and build mobile apps.
  • Connect these mobile apps to enterprise systems quickly and securely.
  • Create mobile backends.
  • Build custom APIs to expose their backend services.
  • Manage security.
  • Create storage structures.
  • Develop offline synchronization support.
  • Use with analytics and logging to manage and monitor backend services.

Benefits to You

As a service developer, taking this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills to use MCS to build, deploy, and manage back end services to support the development of mobile applications.


  • Application Developers
  • Application Server Administrators
  • Architect
  • Cloud Administrator

Course Objectives

  • Describe how Mobile Cloud Service easily enables mobile application development
  • Describe the architecture and building blocks of the Mobile Cloud Service
  • Describe the different APIs available with MCS
  • Implement a secure channel between a mobile app and MCS
  • Describe the purpose and interaction of users, roles and realms in the User Management Services API
  • Describe how MCS handles data offline and synchronization
  • Build custom API synchronization supporting code and resources
  • Explain the purpose of creating a mobile backend
  • Create and test a mobile backend
  • Use Android and iOS SDK to sync custom APIs
  • Create and test an MCS storage API
  • Access collection and object endpoints to access their metadata
  • Configure the SOAP and the REST Connector
  • Create and implement a custom API using the MCS API Designer
  • Create a System Report using MCS Analytics
  • Set up notification send and receive with MCS

Course Outline :

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Thank you EZY Intellect and Trainer for your support to become an Oracle Certified Professional

thumb Mr. Tint Aung Shwe
Assistant Manager (IT Department)-AYA Bank,August 29, 2017

This training helped me identify clear and do-able next steps toward my goal. Thank you EZY Intellect and Mr.Kushantha ( EC-Council Certified Trainer) for very valuable training.

thumb Mr. Kyaw Htet
CEH V10,21,22,23,29,30 Sep 2018