Code Course Name Duration(days) Outline Contact Us
Oracle Tuxedo 12c: Application Administration 5
PeopleTools Portal and PeopleSoft Interaction Hub Administration 5
Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals 3
Siebel Fundamentals Rel 15.5 2
Oracle Database 12c R2: ASM Administration Ed 2 2
Oracle VM Server for x86: Administration Ed 2 3
Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration Ed 6 5
Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Administration Ed 2 2
Oracle Linux 7: System Administration Ed 2 5
Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration Ed 1 5
Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL Ed 2 5
Oracle Database 18c: Administration Workshop 5
Oracle Database 12c R2: Program with PL/SQL Ed 2 5
Oracle Big Data Fundamentals Ed 2 5
Oracle BI 12c: Build Repositories 5
Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop Ed 2 5
R12.x Oracle Project Costing Fundamentals 4
D79094GC10 Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators 5
D94572GC10 PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management and Update Manager Rel 8.55 5
D91034GC50 Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications ( 5
D101285GC10 Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features 4
D99550GC20 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Ed 2 3
D101882GC10 Oracle Database 18c: New Features for Administrators Ed 1 3
D82660GC30 Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning 5
D99357GC30 Oracle Comms Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) OAM&P Ed 3 4
D97099GC10 Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for Administrators Part 1 Ed 1 5
D84417GC20 Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API 3
D81835GC30 Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials 5
D91204GC10 Oracle Comms DSR Integrated Diameter Intelligence Hub (IDIH) Operations 5
D87479GC10 R12.2 Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite 5
D87283GC10 R12.2 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals 5
D87527GC10 R12.2 Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals 4
D81250GC20 Oracle Database 12c R2: RAC Administration Ed 2 4
D90836GC10 Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls Ed 1 5
D80349GC30 Siebel Open UI Foundations 2
D78846GC30 Oracle Database 12c R2: Administration Workshop Ed 3 5
D87007GC10 Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infra Deployment Workshop Ed 1 4
D100323GC10 Oracle Database Security: Detective Controls Ed 1 5
D77740GC10 Java EE 6: Develop Web Applications with JSF 4
D80895GC10 Java SE 8 New Features 2
D94193GC10 Siebel Business Automation 15.5 5
D87515GC10 R12.2 Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals 5
D87557GC20 Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Advanced Integration and Development 3
D93961GC10 Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 3
D71675GC10 Implementing Oracle Audit Vault 2
D72593GC10 Implementing Oracle Database Firewall 2
D96091GC10 S Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance Overview Ed 1 2
D97486GC10 S Oracle SPARC M7 Server System Administration Ed 1 2
D96466GC10 Oracle HCM Cloud: Core HR Administration Essentials 2
D96193GC30 Oracle HCM Cloud: Career and Succession Planning and Talent Review 2
D93245GC10 S Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators Ed 1 1
D90410GC10 Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources 5
D88689GC50 Oracle HCM Cloud: Absence Management 2
D86896GC10 S Oracle SuperCluster for Database Administrators Ed 1 1
D97103GC10 Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for Administrators Part 2 Ed 1 5
D94586GC10 PeopleSoft Update Manager Rel 8.55 3
D74789GC10 Transition to Oracle Solaris 11 Ed 5 5
D50081GC20 Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators DBA Release 2 5
D61638GC10 R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Customizing OA Framework Applications 5
D59084GC10 R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Personalizations 5
D95505GC10 Oracle BI 12c: Create Analyses and Dashboards Ed 1 5
D72896GC60 Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Ed 6 5
D88023GC20 Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Administration Ed 2 3
D68420GC20 Oracle BI Publisher 11g R1: Fundamentals 3
D86773GC10 Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Policies & Reports Ed 1 2
D68549GC10 Exadata and Database Machine Administration Seminar 2
D86597GC10 Using Oracle Database Vault with Oracle Database 12c 2
D69748GC20 Oracle Database 11g: OCM Exam Preparation Workshop Ed 2 5
D99427GC10 Oracle Sales Cloud: Analytics 3
D96396GC30 Introduction to Oracle Sales Cloud 1
D96201GC20 Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile, Goal, and Performance Management 4
D78850GC30 Oracle Database 12c R2: Backup and Recovery Workshop Ed 3 NEW 5
D79128GC10 Oracle Database 12c: Managing Multitenant Architecture 2
D61894GC10 Solaris Volume Manager Administration 3
D61916GC10 SL8500 Operator Training ( Tape Libralies) 1
D85564GC10 PeopleSoft Integration Tools II Rel 8.53 4
D63635GC10 Managing Storage Area Networks 5
D94584GC10 PeopleSoft Update Manager Rel 8.55 3
D81089GC20 PeopleSoft Purchasing / Payables Accelerated Rel 9.2 5
D81720GC20 PeopleSoft Inventory Rel 9.2 4
D94335GC10 PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Rel 8.55 3
D81099GC20 PeopleSoft Financial Consolidations Rel 9.2 1
D81053GC20 PeopleSoft Asset Management Rel 9.2 4
D75229GC30 Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g: Manage Clusterware and ASM - Release 2 5
D77758GC20 Oracle Database 12c R1: New Features for Administrators Ed 2 5
D52474GC20 Oracle Database 11g: Implement Database Vault Release 2 2
D70064GC20 Oracle Database 11g: Administer a Data Warehouse 4
D84838GC10 Java SE 8 Programming 5
D50317GC20 Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning DBA Release2 5
D50323GC20 Oracle Database 11g: Security Release 2 5
D58324GC10 R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers 3
D63516GC13 Oracle BI 11g R1 : Build Repositories 5
D64252GC10 Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL 5
D50102GC20 Oracle Database 11g : Administration Workshop I Release 2 5
D50079GC20 Oracle Database 11g : Administration Workshop II Release 2 5
D66376GC30 My SQL for Database Administrators Ed 3.1 5
D65269GC20 Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform 5
D77638GC10 Java EE 7 New Features 2
D61918GC30 My SQL for Beginners Ed 3 4
D80198GC10 Oracle Database : SQL and PL/ SQL Fundamentals NEW 5
D52601GC20 Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL 2.0 3
D52161GC30 Oracle Database 11g: Data Guard Administration Release 2 5
D58682GC20 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Administration Essentials 5
D80186GC10 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 5
D78846GC20 Oracle Database 12c Administration Workshop Ed 2 NEW 5
D78850GC20 Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop Ed 2 NEW 3
D79232GC10 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration 4
D81250GC10 Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration Ed 1.1 4
D79236GC10 Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning NEW 5
D81599GC10 Oracle Database 12c: Security 5
D80149GC20 Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I 5
D80153GC10 Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II 5
D83171GC10 Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Performance Tuning Workshop 3
D83175GC10 Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Troubleshooting Workshop 2
D84357GC10 Oracle Golden Gate 12c: Fundamentals for Oracle 4
D89113GC10 Oracle Golden Gate 12c: Advanced Configuration for Oracle 4
D85725GC10 Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Troubleshooting and Tuning 4
D61748GC11 Java Programming Language, Java SE 6 5
D65792 Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language, Java SE 6 1
D72965GC50 Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration Ed 5 NEW 5
D78499GC10 Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration 2
D80719GC10 PeopleSoft People Code Rel 8.53 5
D80727GC10 PeopleSoft People Tools SQR Rel 8.53 5
D82454GC10 PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 5
D77754GC10 Java EE 6: Develop Web Services with JAX-WS & JAX-RS 5
D58832GC10 Oracle Database 11g: OLAP Essentials 3
D75223GC40 Oracle Database 11g: RAC Administration Release 2 4
D58686GC20 Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration 5
D71835GC10 Oracle Database 11g: Implement Partitioning Release 2 2
D89291GC50 Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards 5
D82167GC20 Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Integration and Administration Ed 3 5
D92889GC10 Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop Ed 1 5
D74942GC40 Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration Ed 4 5
D86551GC10 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Ed 1 4
D75647GC10 R12.x Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals 5
D74549GC20 Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86 3
D84510GC10 Oracle BI 11g: Overview 1
D96189GC10 Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals and Extensibility 1
D88703GC10 Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula Ed 3 2
D88709GC30 Oracle HCM Cloud: Security Ed 3 2
D96205GC10 Oracle HCM Cloud: Reporting and Analytics Ed 1 2
D87491GC10 R12.2 Oracle E-Business Suite Fundamentals 3
D80343GC10 Oracle Database 12c: Advanced PL/SQL 3
D96352GC10 Siebel Marketing: Marketing Manager Rel 15.5 3
D66376GC40 MySQL for Database Administrators Ed 4 NEW 5
D77281GC30 Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Administration Essentials 5
D94610GC10 Siebel Application Administration 15.5 5
D95282GC10 Siebel Installation and System Administration Rel 15.5 5
D72896GC50 Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Ed 5 5
D79995GC10 Oracle Database: SQL Tuning for Developers 3
D56261GC10 Oracle Database 11g: Data Warehousing Fundamentals 3
D96901GC10 Application Development on Oracle Cloud 2
D96905GC10 Application Integration on Oracle Cloud 2
D96909GC10 Business Intelligence on Oracle Cloud 3
D96913GC10 Cloud Services Administration 1
D96917GC10 Introduction to DevOps on Oracle Cloud 5
D96921GC10 Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud 3
D96893GC10 Oracle Cloud IaaS: Compute and Storage Fundamentals 3
D99336GC20 Oracle Database Cloud for Oracle DBAs Ed 2 NEW 3